iPad and Women Experts: LA Times Reporter David Sarno Doesn’t Know Any

LA Times reporter David Sarno’s, “Apple’s new iPad: Must-have, or meh?” article today, front page of the LA Times business section, is worth the read, just to reassure ourselves that nothing much changes in reporting.

How is it that we’ve arrived to April 1, 2010 and a tech reporter for the LA Times doesn’t know any women using technology to quote in his article about iPads? Out of the 60 billion dollar Apple product sales, surely a few million dollars have been spent by women who use technology? Someone out there, tell us, how much money do women spend on Apple products?

Well, back to the cool Apple product — the iPad — according to this woman, who uses technology, it is revolutionary. Why? Because it marries the elegance of the iPhone touch screen with a larger view area and puts the user first in design considerations. Products with intuitive interfaces have design teams who took time to understand the individuals who will use them. The more transparent the tool, the more empowered the user is to engage and create. As Chris Anderson, editor of Wired magazine, articulated “The tablet will allow us to do digital magazines that are intelligently designed, flow correctly and have the artistic intent preserved.”

Move out-of-the-way e-learning and m-learning… welcome i-learning, where individuals are powered by the iPad. The iPad will dovetail nicely with the 2007 Horizon Report’s prediction that student learners, increasingly involved in creating content and meaning, will become expert , amateur scholars “weighing in on scholarly debates”. The iPad promises to empower the individual and learning, much like its predecessor, the pencil.

What do other women out there think about Apple’s iPad? Mine arrives Saturday.


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